NEWS: V Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic

V Bootlegshave launched a brand new flavour – Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic!

V Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic is a brand new flavour that delivers a brand new and unusual taste sensation. Like normal V, it contains guarana enhanced by caffeine, vitamins and minerals for a massive energy hit.

A 250ml can retails for around $2.69, while a four pack 250ml retails for around $9.33. It’s avaialble now in supermarkets nationwide.

If you’ve tried new V Mr Bootleg’s Sour Tonic, let us know what you think in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. Ronnie says:

    Just trying it now, its pretty decent compared to some of the other flavours V has produced, a few types of citrus flavours with sort of a hint of blue raspberry candy.

  2. Lionel T says:

    I love V Sour Tonic! So great! Orders of magnitude better in taste than any Rockstar, Mother, Redbull, Monster. As a full time engineering student binging on energy drinks during exam week; went through the rounds and V Sour Tonic takes the cup cake.

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