NEWS: Tim Tam Mango

tim-tam-mangoArnott’s have launched a brand new Tim Tam flavour – Mango!

Tim Tam Mango features a delicious combination of mango flavoured cream, with classic Tim Tam biscuit covered in Arnott’s real milk chocolate.

This flavour is a limited edition. Recently, Arnott’s have also launched other flavours including Tim Tam Pineapple and Tim Tam Toffee Apple! These are the first new Tim Tam flavours since their Mocktail range, launched in February.

Each pack of Tim Tam Mango retails for $3.65 for a pack of nine biscuits (a sneaky reduction from the 11 biscuits you’d normally find in a regular Tim Tam packet).

You’ll regularly find it on special for around $2.50 or even less (half price!).

If you’ve tried the new mango Tim Tam flavour or have any other thoughts, let us know what you think in the comments!

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