NEWS: Connoisseur Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream

Connoisseur Peanut ButterConnoisseur have launched the brand new Brooklyn range, collaborating with OddFellows Ice Cream Co, one of the most popular ice cream parlours in Brooklyn, to create four new flavours designed to “take you on a journey throughout four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods”.

The Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream flavour, inspired by the Bed Stuy neighbourhood, is described as follows:

Bedford-Stuyvesant is one of the most historically and culturally significant suburbs of Brooklyn. The bodega, the corner store synonymous with Bed-Stuy, is the place to get your fix of all things salty and sweet. In a homage to the bodega, we combine a salty peanut butter swirl and choc coated pretzels with sweet cream vanilla ice cream.

 The other new flavours in the range are:

The new range is available in 1 litre tubs, and retails for around $9.70 at supermarkets. You’ll find it regularly on special for half price or around $6 to $7 per tub, so keep an eye out for specials!

If you’ve tried new Connoisseur Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream, let us know what you think in the comments!

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5 Responses

  1. Sylvia says:

    I really miss this flavour. can’t find it anywhere anymore

  2. Meagan says:

    Love this flavor but can’t find it anywhere anymore. Have they discontinued it???

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