NEWS: Connoisseur Matcha Green Tea

Connoisseur Matcha Green TeaConnoisseur have launched the brand new Brooklyn range, collaborating with OddFellows Ice Cream Co, one of the most popular ice cream parlours in Brooklyn, to create four new flavours designed to “take you on a journey throughout four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods”.

The Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Waffle Cone flavour, inspired by the Williamsburg neighbourhood, is described as follows:

The home of OddFellows Ice Cream Co. and the centre of the hipster universe, Williamsburg is the trendsetting suburb for food, fashion, music and art. Here you’ll discover the latest food trend or sip on the hottest cocktail in town. Such a creative locale would appreciate the combination of matcha green tea ice cream filled with crunchy white chocolate coated waffle cone pieces.

 The other new flavours in the range are:

The new range is available in 1 litre tubs, and retails for around $9.70 at supermarkets. You’ll find it regularly on special for half price or around $6 to $7 per tub, so keep an eye out for specials!

If you’ve tried new Connoisseur Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Waffle Cone, let us know what you think in the comments!

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8 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    It could have been better. Matcha is good on its own without being too sweet. Adding the white chocolate bits is unnecessary. I can understand the waffle bits since they give the nice crunchy texture. But the white chocolates just stick to your teeth and feel like a third wheel. I love Connoisseur and try every of their flavours. So far this is the first flavour that gives me an itch to write a review about. I could have given it a 4.5 and make it the second best flavour if they don’t have the white chocolate bits (the best one is Cookies and cream in my opinion).

  2. Jane says:

    Just bought the Matcha on a hot day and found it disgusting. It tastes of slightly-off milk and sugar, and almost nothing else. Revolting! Ice cream should taste of cream, not milk. And a bit of flavour wouldn’t hurt. I will be throwing it out.

  3. Angelia says:

    The Matcha green tea made my whole family sick, it tasted nice but the next day we had stomach cramps when we ate it.

  4. MatchaLover says:

    Sold out in most Coles & Woolies during the 1/2 price special. Loved it!! Although the matcha is subtle but it is hard to find a ice cream that is not so sweet yet still taste great!

  5. Love4IceCream says:

    I love the Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Waffle Cone, bought it at the 24 hours Ashwood store. Like the previous comment, the matcha is on the subtle side, but it tastes great, great balance!

  6. Michael says:

    It’s delicious. I agree that the matcha flavour is too subtle, which makes you eat more scoops when you should! I also like that it’s not too sweet!

  7. caroline says:

    I have had the matcha and golden syrup which are excellent and not too heavy… just the collaboration with a US company is enough to make me wish I was on holiday!

  8. lovefood says:

    Tried this last week. Bought it from Coles Munno Para, SA. Apparently only this outlet in the northern suburbs of Elizabeth has this flavour. Tried looking for it in Elizabeth Shopping Centre Coles and Gawler Green Coles- was not sold at all. It was a sold out and this outlet has yet to replenish it. Love the milky taste but it is too subtle, wish it the macha flavour to be much stronger. Looking forward to get another tub when its available

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