NEWS: Arnott’s Salted Choc Slice (Twisted Faves)

Arnotts-Twisted-Faves-Salted-Choc-SliceArnott’s have launched a brand new twist to their famous Mint Slice biscuit – the Salted Choc Slice!

Arnott’s Twisted Faves Salted Choc Slice features velvety salted chocolate cream on a crunchy biscuit, coated in Arnott’s real chocolate.

This flavour is part of the Twisted Faves range, bringing new flavour twists to well-known established Arnotts favourites. At the same time, Arnott’s have launched brand new Tim Tam flavours, including – Tim Tam Toffee Apple and Tim Tam Choc Pineapple

Each pack of Arnott’s Salted Choc Slice retails for $3.65 for 200g packet, and is available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

If you’ve tried the new Twisted Faves flavour or have any other thoughts, let us know what you think in the comments!

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